Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday is a Special Day

Set Up
Today is the last Saturday of summer vacation.

David wonders why summer can't be 10 months and school be 2 months.

I am wondering silently if I can get him on a canoe ride.

Clean up -- drying our equipment
Yesterday we tried.

We made it to the beach with everything but the paddles.

We swam instead.

Luckily we did our clean-up yesterday of hanging out life jackets.  Haning up the fushia polk-a-dot towel was also a stroke of luck-- making it nicer to wear dry, today.
hands-me downs
labelled on the shaft of the paddle -- the words, Duncan and Dalton

The paddles have names of cousins on the handles, written in felt pen..

David speculates they got them when they were 7 because they are the eight size for him.

Photography credits: Mathew Wood

We have a  canoe trip photo only to let you know we eventually did get to the water.

Matthew, Evangeline and Stacy Wood are also enjoying the last days of summer.



  1. And did David enjoy the canoe, once he got in the water. Would love to hear what he was calling back to you as he paddled. And did you ever take your paddle and give a little splash forward toward him? Accidentally of course.

  2. You asked what David was saying in the canoe. Here is what happened. There is a beautiful dry spot in the canoe with a bungee cord around it. That is where we kept the lunch. He complained for an hour and a half about everything.

    “Oh my fingers hurt. I can’t do it.”

    “I don’t like the kiwi in the lunch.”

    While we were having lunch on the shore by Johnson’s Point, he looked at the kiwi. We discussed it. He liked the colour green but that didn’t mean he wanted to eat it.

    “There is nothing good to eat.”

    “These logs are not good for sitting on.”

    “I am not walking on those rocks.”

    I was thinking of his interchange with Andrew in the summer. Andrew told him, “Just do it.” That discussion between the two of them came to mind.

    “I just can’t wait to get out of this canoe.” That was his mantra.

    We are still out in the lake over his head on the way home and I need to turn the canoe around. We are only 10 feet from the dock. He says, “I am done.” He partially stands up looking for a way to get out. I have just seen him partially stand up? Can you imagine how hard I was laughing? I am sure he was looking around, peering, and asking himself, “Just exactly how do I get out of this canoe?” He was holding the edges of the canoe, up and down his body would go, planning. But he waited until I got to the shore so he only got one foot wet.

    “Arta, how did you do this with 8 kids because I know you did it with everyone?”