Thursday, August 22, 2013

Two Walks to Wyona’s

 ... Zoe's artwork ...
The road between Wyona’s house and mine is not well travelled in the summer time.

Twenty-eight people are at her house – and that number is too many for me to be able to find her in the crowd, even if I get there.

 I did walk down there this morning at 7 am to say good-bye to Trent, but they had taken the road to Kelowna at 4:30 am – so I missed saying my farewells.
 ... Chelsea making the final touches ...
Trent is in the bishopric of a university student ward in Texas.

He has the physical look of my father – more so than most of any of the cousins, and I was interested in how their lives are paralleled in this instance of both being in the bishopric when their children are young.  A charming story of Doral’s call to that service is on page 93 of his biography. I looked it up and was going to share it with Trent – but too late. The words and the tone capture a certain je n’ sais quoi that I was going to share with him. Maybe next year.

On my other trip to Wyona’s I came across a Chinese painting class: Zoe, Charise, Alicia and Chelsea all doing water colours. Zoe was finished, her painting still on the table. Charise still had a brush in her hand and Wyona was calling from the kitchen to someone else, “If some paint drops unexpected where you don’t want it, don’t try to take it off the paper. I will show you how to incorporate it into your work.”

 ... Alicia at work ...
Through the instructions she was continuing her vegetable chopping.

When Wyona took her classes, I wonder if the instructors was also a multi-tasker.


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