Friday, August 30, 2013

Drive through Breakfast

... mmm, berries on August 30, 2013 ...
Bonnie and I have been dreaming of how we are going to spend the fall months together.

 Her vision is to have a hot breakfast for David every morning, now that the ratio is two women to one child at his house.

I began to collect recipes for specialty pancakes, starting with a new recipe for banana pancakes. Then I remembered that he doesn’t really like pancakes in the morning in the summer, so what might change in the winter.

... check it out ...
A little faster and there would have been
wasp protein
in the breakfast bowl.
The bee in the picture got away.
Since Bonnie was going to be alone this morning for breakfast, I asked her what kind of hot breakfast she was preparing for herself.

She said she usually has Coke for breakfast, but on a new health kick, she has change to ice water.

That will be her breakfast, though she might pass by the raspberry bushes and see if there is anything there to eat.

... drive through breakfast ...
I didn’t think much more of the conversation until I received some pictures from her in my email box.

No text from her  – she is just letting the pictures be worth a thousand words.



  1. haha....i LOVE it! That is the bowl that Bonnie made on the day she joined me at the wheel. it is GORGEOUS bonnie!

  2. I loved that time with you. I have great memories of time at the Pilling's wheel.

    I will need to.bring a spoon for my next raspberry breakfast. there were so many berries and they needed to go slIght into a mouth.