Friday, August 16, 2013

Plum’s a la Moiya Style

... too good to be true ... plums that look like apricots ...
“I am not telling you to take a plum. They are Moiya’s. But do put your face into the middle of the tree and luxuriate in the scent,” I said to Mary as we passed the Woods. By that time Moiya was by our side.

“If you think the smell is good now,” she said, “you should have been here in the spring when the tree was in bloom. The scent was right out to the middle of the road.

David was on his way out with boxes and four litre pails to strip the tree – better that we should eat them than the bears Moiya had told him. The plums can be mistaken for apricots – their yellow colour and they have ripened before the usual plum season starts in this community. Moiya filled our arms with boxes and buckets of plums and I spent a few days eating them instead of getting the regular nutrition of protein, carbs, fruit and vegetables. Then I went looking for ways to cook them – coming across the best of recipes on the inside of the Imperial Margarine Package: Seasonal Fruit Crisp – a plum filling and a cinnamon/sugar/flour topping.

I sacrificed, practising eating small portions to see if the dessert was better with ice cream on the side, or just drizzled with whipping cream. I was happy to find the correct portions for the drizzle of cream: ½ plum fruit crisp to ½ whipping cream. The ice cream is good as well.


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