Saturday, August 31, 2013

I don't like pancakes!

 ... horse pancakes ...
Today the new boarder was asking me if I have a pancake griddle.

Yes. I do.

I took it out to the lake.

Not having the equipment I need  is one of the vagaries of not having a fixed address. Most everything I look for is at the place I just left.
... ready to be eaten ...

A simple pancake is not that attractive.

Pancakes need to be heaped with seasonal fruit and decorated with whipping cream.

This was not the summer for that, though the cream, the fruit and the sourdough pancake batter were available.
 ...Meow-meow, David's cat ...

One morning I could only drum up interest in pancakes if they came in specialty shapes.

Mary obliged, making her best effort to create shapes that the kids could recognize.

She gave the pancakes names before she let the kids see them – just to underline the fact that in these Rorschach tests these kids were getting, one might be able to find an image if it was mentioned previously to putting it on some child’s plate.
"I love my cousins."
I was reminded of this today while watching a cooking show. In the equipment section of the show the demonstrator said that a Tovolo pancake bottle was a lot of fun – a flexible bottle that one can fill with pancake batter.

The tip of the bottle is silicone.

I went to buy it on the web, but I would have to buy three to get free shipping – the free shipping is probably a more important value to me than the pancake bottle.

Miranda told me an alternative method of making pancake shapes might be to use a baggie filled with dough.

Her idea saved me $12.

Whether the kids like pancakes or not, they still like the summertime treat of sitting at the table and eating breakfast together 


  1. I learned from a thrift student that a baggie filled with salt water can save you the cost of a Netti pot. and don't even get me start on the multifunctionals of binder clips.

    confessions of a former career student

  2. I had to go to Goggle to find out what a netti pot is. Some people call it a nose bidet.