Friday, August 30, 2013

The Elwins at my House!

Hello Friends,
One of our favourite new bands,
The Elwins, are going to be doing a house concert in our back yard on Saturday, August 31

A perfect way to send out the summer.

It will be a family friendly kind of evening, so bring you kids if you want.  All are invited.

Bring some friends if you like.  The more the merrier.

The Elwins will probably play around 7:30.  Come share some goodies and enjoy some awesome music.

If you can, we are asking that you chip in to help pay the band.  We’ll pass a hat (maybe not literally).  $10 from grown-ups would be great, but come no matter what!

Check out The Elwins at their official website

And their amazingly super good video

We live in Aylmer at
219 Avenue du Grand Calumet – about 10 minutes away from Island Park Drive and the Champlain Bridge.

Hope to see you there!  If you think you can make it, let us know so we can plan for snacks!

Mary and Gang

1 comment:

  1. I checked out the video.

    "Forgetful Assistance" seems to have the refrain, 'Nothing's going to change' enough times that I will know the song by the latter phrase and not the former. One time through and I think I have at least that refrain.

    Loved the video -- especially liked the fact that having the body in 3 parts makes it possible to elongate height. Nice. I could use some of that.

    Have fun at the party. Having just finished up Roots and Blue 2013 in Salmon Arm I would know how to bring my low concert chair, some beverages, a blanket and settle in to enjoy the evening with your friends ... if I were there.