Friday, August 16, 2013

Robertson-Rhoades Wedding

...the wedding viewed from the balcony...
Today Rebecca and I were on a road trip with Glen and Connor Pilling, driving them up to the top of Larch Hills Ski Trails.

... let's drag our chairs a little closer ...
On the drive we were telling them about the Robertson Rhoades Wedding.

What can be said more than that the wedding was perfect.

The wedding vows exchanged between the couple matched the elegance of the setting.

The piper played Mull of Kintyre to for the Processional.

... the wedding viewed from the main floor ...
Family and friends sat on the lawn or on the first, second and third decks of the Robertson summer home.

 ... Reid, and his 3 cousin groomsmen ...
Beverages were served before the wedding to the guests who waited under a brilliant summer sun, enjoying the flowers and chatting with old and new friends.

Cousins who haven’t seen each other, for a year or two, with new babies of their own, greeted one another.

"Wake up, Uncle Reid is getting married!"
The sky was blue.

The sun shone brilliantly.

Bishop Papworth married the couple.

Chelsea Bates at the wedding.
Then there was an exchange of vows, the Wrapping of the Tartan, the Pinning of the Crest and the Final Exchange of Vows.

Rebecca and I tried to explain to Glen and Connor the sweetest event of the ceremony.

Reid and Misty gave her daughter a family ring, Reid saying, “I know I am not your real dad but I can be your space dad and I am so glad that all of us are a family.”

 ... post-wedding candids ...
No wedding has ever top a tender moment like that.

Or such heartfelt words from an new parent.

The reception was held later in the day at the RJ Haney Heritage House at 724 Hwy 98B.

 ... later Jeremy will give the toast ...
I have passed that area a number of time but never gone in – a sweet little church, a big area for a reception, small paths that lead through wooded areas.

The families ate, listened to speeches, and danced to a DJ until the night fell in upon us.

The male cousins carried Reid high on a chair, Jewish style.

formal and casual
suit and sandals
For old times sake Reid, Teaque and Trent mimed PeeWee Herman’s famous song that ends with the shout Tequila.

In the case of the modernized rendition of this song, the audience shouted Kool-Aid.

A tree trunk had been sketch onto a large poster board.

My name is Andrew. Would you like a drink?
Willing guests put their thumbprint on the tree and then signed their leaf thumbprint with a felt pen – a fantastic memento / guest book for the event.

While the relatives wildly danced to music from every decade, the bride and groom circulated through their guests giving heartfelt thanks, and a personalized story to the person they were talking too of why that guest was important to them. I

 was touched by mine.

 ... Naomi and Zoe follow the sign to the wedding ...
“Thank you for coming. Your presence means a lot to me.”

 I could have, but didn’t return the compliment – the presence of Reid in the larger family configuration has meant a lot to the rest of us as well.

Jeremy’s toast to the groom seemed to be spontaneous, but the crafting was too perfect for it to have been off the cuff.

... Naomi is ready to walk to the wedding ...
He used the metaphor of coming out of cold lake water and needing the comfort of a warm towel to tell the audience that Reid had shown Jeremy that it is OK to practise the model of the warming up to the world, as opposed to the model of taking the cold like a man.

Misty’s mom had a paper in front of her carefully reading each paragraph.

I sat there knowing that each of the sentences coul have been an essay in themselves.

Zoe comes to check if the Johnson's are ready to attend the wedding.
I tried to read between the lines as she spoke.

 Misty’s brother, Cory, was cogent and clear.

Darla Robertson and Cohl added their compliments to Reid.

... meeting old friends is fun ...
No blog post can cover all who spoke – feel free to add comments to this post since I can only type 1/100th part.


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