Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bonnie's Dream Inuit Film Festival

Bonnie’s Dream Inuit Film Festival

The summer was coming to an end. We hadn’t done even one-half of what our ambitious plans had outlined at the start of the summer. I had given up on anything new happening.  I looked on Bonnie’s bedroom door to see a poster entitled “Bonnie’s Dream Inuit Film Festival”.

... with more funding
there would have been
a more professional looking poster...
Listed below the title were five films, the times that they were being shown on a big screen in her room and a rider that the film times were subject to change:

1:30 pm Kiviuq (72 min)

2:15pm Welcome to Nunavut (30 min)

2:30 pm Silent Messengers (93 min)

4:30 pm The White Archer (50 min)

5:30 pm James Houston (48 min)

6:30 pm --- Discussion ---

BYOC (Bring your own chair)

I wanted to go to the film festival. First of all, I know how difficult it is to create one – bring in the films, do the advertizing, create interest, find funding, hire space. Rebecca has been helping with some of this. She leaves an Inuit Critical Studies volume lying around, open to pages that she has marked with comments or yellow highlighters. And she has been showing single films in the evenings. If you watch one of the films with her and can answer ten questions after the film is over, you can earn $5. Thus, there has been quite a bit of interest generated in the past few weeks.

... lapel pin given to me by Catherine
when she did a rotation
in northern Quebec ...
I brought my own chair, found my own treats and I attended the festival.

The discussion period was a bust. Instead of saving up questions until 6:30 pm people talked during and after every film, often doing instant replays if someone thought they had missed a word or not quite got at a concept that was being developed.

 I don’t like it when people don’t follow the festival rules.

Still, that was not so irritating that I will boycott the Second  Annual Bonnie's Dream Inuit Film Festival on Lot 3 next year.


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