Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Day at the Wheel

Whoops, that's a close up.
There's always the fear that something will happen. The pots won't get bisqued. They won't get glazed. Some will crack. Any number of things could go wrong.

Rebecca and Naomi took pictures as though they were teenagers. Rebecca's favorite is the one-eyed Naomi. Naomi likes it too and she gave permission for it to be published.

Xavier and Rhiannon had bowls that still weren't out of the kiln. That was the main reason for the run to Pilling's Pottery Corner.
Looking for these?

Naomi and Rebecca ran down to the wheel first thing in the morning. There was no time for breakfast.
They just grabbed the whole tupperware of Cinamon Buns. They knew that after all they could eat there would still be lots left over.

It feels good to document the fact that mud can be turned into something as beautiful as a dish, a mug, or a necklace. Hard to know which is the most fun: unlimited icecream sandwiches, super frosties, or fudgsicles. Arta says it is the joy that everything was less than 1/2 price. You can't beat that for happiness.

Which of us was holding the camera?
Best friends at the Pottery Wheel


  1. Looove these photos. Thanks for the post! I will show it to Naomi tonight. I know that Naomi loved her time working with you Rebecca. She has great memories of making pottery and if we make it back next year (knock on wood) she will no doubt be your shadow at the pottery corner.

  2. So sad I never made it to the wheel this year. There were too many people at our house for me to take a break and just walk next door to our neighbors house. Maybe next year.