Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best Summer Ever - 2013

 ... Mary stills her arms for a spider photoshoot ...
We have had some extra-ordinary events to document this year.

Some of them were moments that passed quickly, though we tried to document them with our cameras.

Take this bug for example.  Someone had to stand still and be brave while I ran for my camera to capture their courage.

A Going into Grade Three Party was held for people entering that grade. Naomi Brooks and David Camps qualified for the event – a video party accompanied by the best of treats and a space carved out in a room only for them.

... Lemon Heaven ... the newest in great flavours ...
A new flavour of ice-cream was added to the usual favorites: Lemon Heaven – a divine lemony custard swirling through vanilla D Dutchman ice cream.

Butter horns and pigs-in-a-blanket, planned, rolled and executed by Duncan and Xavier.

... take a mug or a bowl ... your choice ...
Cinnamon Buns on Demand. A kitchen alert that there are no more to eat, and Arta will produce another pan the next day.

The Pilling Pottery Wheel was a success. Some potted. Some did raku.

Others made necklaces or sculptures.

All received a gift – even though it is mud, it is fine mud.

Alex, when making a warm late night snack tried to turn on the stove but couldn't find the fire on the stove.  Uncle Richard explained to him the difference between a gas stove, which they have, and an electric stove, which we have.

 ... Alice Margaret ... who belongs to Richard and Miranda ...
And of course the best gift of all came to us when we got to have a brand new baby with us for 3 weeks.

Nothing can match that for fun!


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