Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Restful Day at Sea

I started early, wanting to hear Dave Cornthwaite, a travel writer, give a talk entitled “Say Yes More”.  A agree with his premis.  All of us should say yes, more. For me the task was saying yes to getting to the next presentation by Dirk Younkerman, “Penguins, Life in the Colonies”.  I couldn’t miss seeing the tango lesson demonstration, nor taking an hour to see the Colombian Emeralds Grand Presentation.  I quit taking notes when the presentor was giving the formula for an emerald: berilium, silicone and something else.  I didn’t get it written down fast enough and then I realized that I am not going to get tested on this, and I gave up taking more notes.  Still I was off to a lecture where we could  watch our cruise travel via Google Earth and then I went to watch a guitar and violin play classical music until it was time to meet Wyona and Greg for the hour when the elite cruisers drink together and listen to the big band music of the celebrity orchestra.  Wyona ordered me a virgin pina colada the first night, a strawberry drink the second, a peach concoction the third night.  Tonight I passed on any kind of liquid.  Drinking calories are more interesting in they are found in chocolate to me. Still it was time to go to dinner and then to a production show but first came the captain’s welcome.  This schedule is why people who cruise need such a long rest when they get home from their trip.

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