Saturday, March 15, 2014

South America Bates/Johnson

Here is Arta in our room at the Sarmiento Suites in Buenos Aires. 

We were in heaven with the room size and the location.

This was the living room/Arta's bedroom with the kitchen on the left.

Here we are at the end of the world going around Cape Horn.

This is the lighthouse and the house at the end of South America.

You can see the waves lapping up on the rocks.

It was quite a sight to see and it was windy and cold.

But what an amazing experience.

Can you spot us in the crowd?
I tried to load five pictures but only three showed up after twenty minutes of time.

So I shall send them anyway for now.


  1. Strange, posting from a ship. The picture which is huge which I see above is Arta and Greg trying to fit out stuff in a small room on the ship. Don't know what happened to it in the making.

    The second distorted picture is Arta and I in the San Telmo Market in Buenos Aires. We are moving now towards Valparaiso Chile. A once in a lifetime experience.

  2. Yea! love hearing news of you guys. the photos are great!