Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Port Areanus

“I am not going into town.  I am too tired today,” said Wyona.

“No fun for me going without her, for what will I do in the market with no one to encourage me to buy,” I said.

“I am going,” said Greg.

“I had better join him.  I need a walk and it is a shame to be in Chile and not step on dry land, when I really need a walk and could get one there.”

“Then I am going, too,” said Wyona.  And that is how we made it to the market to kiss the toe of the Magellan monument. Now we are guaranteed a return.

The tourist bureau representative told us that the day was beautiful for Port Araenus.  Yesterday it rained and the wind was double the force of today, which I think was about 90 miles per hour.  I hung onto Greg a couple of times, least I would be thrown out into the middle of the road and someone would think I had just jumped into the path of some oncoming car.  A real wind.

The market was the same, but the vendor know how to batten down the hatches.  We walked from stall to stall, taking off layers of clothing to try something on, and then layering back up.  The money was easy to figure out once a clerk told us to drop the zero’s and then double the figure left.  So $5,000 pesos becomes $10 American.  I can do that math.  Even if I can do the math, the vendors continue to do it on their calculators for me, just in case I make a mistake.

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