Saturday, March 15, 2014

iLearn Class

Wyona tells me that I should give the Mac a chance.  Just go to the classes on board and see if I wouldn’t like to make the switch.  Now I am done two classes:  Siri and today’s Q&A.  To be right up front, a person is lucky to have classes like this – aimed at people my age.  The presenter makes this argument to grandparents.  You have purchased an IPad for your grandchildren and an iPhone for your children.  You are the iPaid generation.  Now get one of these products yourself.

I am a big note taker and have to say I enjoyed the class this morning.  The classes Wyona attended were standing rom only.  This mornings was held at 9 am and on the last day when cruisers are packing to leave the ship – neither an ideal time nor an ideal day. 

Wyona was up at 9 am as well – off to a water colour class.  When I got back to the room, she had the pictures she had done and the ones that I had done tucked up into the all mirrors so that they are displayed.  I would probably have thrown my pieces out, but she says no – they are good.  Cubist.  Keep them.  I had to choose this morning:  water-colour painting or learning about electronics.   I am having to make the same kind of choices every hour I am on this trip.

Last night we barely go in from our tour in time to get ready for dinner.  I split from my group.  This must be a carry over from when I was young.  I don’t mind being alone, doing things alone – and sometimes quite prefer it if the choices is going somewhere else where I don’t want to be.  There was a game show:  The United States vs The Rest of the World. Having both citizenships, (ie a US passport and one that is categorized as part of the rest of the world) I was conflicted about whom I should cheer for.  It doesn’t seem right that the rest of the world would beat up on the U.S.  The game show had me laughing so hard that I thought my fun for the evening should be finished.

Mike Doyle from Wales was the star performer for Celebrity Showtime.  I have seen him twice before.  He does a show that is timeless – a joy to laugh at the same jokes – for the ones he uses do not go stale.

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