Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ushuaia/The end of the World Johnson/Bates

As one cruises to the tip or Cape Horn in South America, one finds out that there are many claims as to which place is really the end of the world in South America. I think the end of the world is wherever one happens to be at the time. Ushuaia is the last of the towns or cities in the county. Arta, Greg and I were there.

From Ushuaia, we took a 6 hour catamaran ride up the Beagle Channel passing Bird Island and Sea Wolves Island until we came to a Penguin Rookery. It was windy and very cold but we hardy Canadians spent the day on the deck of the boat and we never went inside. Here in this picture you can see the sea wolves and the cormorants sharing the tock. It was noisy and smelly but a fabulous sight with great sounds of the creatures.

Just one of the scenic pictures on our way up Beagle Channel.

And here is our first ever "Selfie" Do we look cold or what!


  1. so why are they 'sea wolves' instead of 'sea lions'? more like dogs than cats?

  2. Love the pictures of the waterfalls and moutons. Great picture of Wyona and Greg too. The cold and movement of the ship was captured in that pick.

  3. Opps, not moutons as in sheep, mountains as in big hunks of rock. On that note, were sheep present as well?

  4. Looks fun! However you could have stayed here if you had wanted cold. Snow, again.