Sunday, March 2, 2014

Measuring Breakfast

Breakfast is included with the price of the room. We go to the first floor for fruit, cheese, yogurt, cheese, a selection of pastries and fresh squeezed orange juice. That will cost us $4 a glass on the boat, but here? We have been commenting to each other – no this is not extra to the bill. Do not bring out your credit card. This comes with the room.

The cereal is what interests me. It comes re-wrapped from the kitchen in saran-wrap that has been laid out, then 1/3 cup of dry cereal measured and the four corners twisted, then all three kinds put in the same bowl from which you make your selection. One appears to be corn flakes. I tried a mini-shredded wheat looking cereal but it was sweet and more like the centre of those malt balls other people buy. Not me. I pass on those. Perhaps this is the customary way to serve cereal here. I don’t know. I just haven’t seen this done before.

As the mornings go on, we discover something new about the breakfast room. There is a caramel topping – dulche de leche that Wyona only found yesterday. We get there so late some mornings, that all of the fruit is gone. Two days ago there was no yogurt. We saw it being delivered by the dairy man just as we were walking out the door. We are staying in the Sarmiento Suites. We highly recommend the fun we have had here. Only three people can get in an elevator at once. If we try to bring up groceries at the same time, the elevator knows and the doors won’t close. I am going to miss this place.


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