Sunday, March 2, 2014

Missing our travelling friends

Photo: Greg Bates
For Glen, in praise of soccer
We are missing our travelling friends: Janet and Glen Pilling and Moiya and David Wood.  Often we say oh wouldn't Dave just love this, or this moment was made for Janet.

I never know if the best part of the trip is that few days we take at the beginning when we stay in a city and get to know its inner city sidewalks.  Or perhaps the best part is on the boat.  I wouldn't have wanted to have missed the longer stay ... in London, or Venice for example.

Photo: Greg Bates
For Dave, in praise of deisel
Here is a charming thing about the merchants in the markets in Buenos Aires. There is no calling out to the passers-by, none of the hard sell, just a gentle showing of merchandize and then thanking the customer for looking as they move on.

At any rate, here are two pictures -- the soccer stadium for Glen.  Yes, people got off the tourist bus to worship at the temple of soccer in Argentina -- BOCA.

And Greg said, "Oh, wouldn't Dave like to see this gas station", as he snapped this picture for fueling up.


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