Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Pampas Devils

In Buenos Aires, up and down the walking street of Florida (pronounced Flor-i-DAH) we encountered the soft whisper of people willing to exchange money at a better rate than we could get at the money changers.  And no, the bank wouldn’t give us exchange on money at all. The other big item to buy on that street was dinner and a dance show – the tango – done as we had never seen it before.  We knew there would be a similar show on the boat. 

The Pampas Devils gave  us that show tonight – two couples doing different versions of the tango, a video on the tango, a beautiful blanket dance, footwork – the clicking of heels and toes, drumming and hand work with the bols.  Greg says they are something like our lasso, but used to catch the feet of sheep instead of the neck of calves.  At any rate, a breathtaking evening.  So why are we so tired to go up and try the 70’s party – dancing, music and demos from a period I can remember – but only barely when it is late at night.

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