Saturday, March 1, 2014

Note Under the Door

We walked into our room tonight.  There was a note under the door.  There was a can of Raid on our table.  We looked at the note.  We looked at the can of Raid.

"Whoops.  We are in trouble with the hotel.  We forgot to close our windows when we went out.  Now they leave us a note in Spanish, which we can't read.  Who will go down and take care of this?"

But before someone goes down, we  try to read the note in Spanish.  We are pretty sure someone is bawling us out.  But we can't tell exactly what the sin is, though we notice that the kitchen door is closed, though they have left that window open.  Is it that we left the apartment and forgot to close the front room window.

Wyona walks down to the desk prepared for something to have gone wrong.

She steels herself.  "You will have to give us this not in English since we can't understand the Spanish."

The clerk gives Wyona a much shorter note.  "Please pay your bill before 11:30 tonight or before check-out at 10 am or you will be charge for another day -- no allowances for over-time."

"What about this can of Raid," Wyona asks.

"The cleaning staff left it in your room accidentally.  I will take it," says the clerk.

All three of us feel exonerated but we don't know for what.


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