Saturday, March 15, 2014

Puerto Madryn Johnson/Bates

Arta and Greg took an 8 hour drive from Puerto Madryn around the delta. I never went because there were warnings of bumpy roads and anyone with back or neck problems should not take the excursion. When they arrived back at the boat, Arta told me I had to sit and study their pictures, every of them because driving through the delta was like driving in the desert. People take the trip just to sea animals and birds.They only saw three green things. However, they did take stunning pictures of the sea and other stuff.
The sea lions above just lay on the beach for the month of March. They have their babies and they molt before they leave again.

This is the same picture but from up on the cliff. Greg used the zoom to get the sea lions on the beach. People are not allowed to get too close to the beach. Look closely and you can see dots on the beach. Those are the sea lions.

A couple of lama like animals. Arta wrote the names in her blog. I am burning the early morning oil to use up our free internet minutes. The rest of the ship is in bed so it is easier to get on the internet.

Arta reported to me that this was a stuffed penguin. But it was not. It just never moved while the tourists were walking around. I missed a great tour.


  1. Great pictures of the animals. I want to take that penguin home as a fluffy pillow. So cute!