Sunday, March 9, 2014


I continue to learn how much or how little a person needs to pack when they leave home for five weeks: a container for medicines, one for make-up, a pouch for a water colour kit, a pocket or pocket book for a room key, a place for an airline ticket and passport, a silk bag for faux pearls, a place for pens and a piece of paper in case I need to make  a list of something. 

I started the trip with a black leather 3 pocket belly pouch that circles my waist, since there is nothing like having hands free for balance when going over the cobble stones or down a ship’s corridor on a day of rolling waters.  I have other bags.  Catherine sent me a wine coloured over-the-shoulder travel bag from Mountain Equipment Coop – already containerized for a bottle of water, a compartment for a camera, a larger pouch for a scarf, a flat pouch for maps and travel books and a place for a cell phone and an IPad.  I wear it around the ship and re-compartmentize “stuff “depending on if I am going away from the cabin for a hour for the morning and the afternoon, and returning only in time to shuffle papers to a sequined bag for dinner.  How much fun.  I need more bags than clothes.

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  1. are you going to get yourself an ipad to go with that pocket?