Sunday, March 2, 2014


Last night Wyona looked at the local drug store that was across the street -- Farmacity and said, "We haven't stopped in one of those  yet."

Today is the day.  I woke up with 15 mosquito bites and that is just on the left arm.  I didn't bother to go counting more.  I just want to go to Farmacity.

Wyona and I have both been attacked by them.  Greg doesn't have the delicious kind of blood that she and I have, apparently.


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  1. Last summer at French camp, I had David try one of those mosquito repellent diffusers you wear on your belt It has a little fan in it that is constantly spraying out repellent.

    We spent day 2 counting the bites on each let to see which had more. Each leg had 30+ bites.

    A hard way to learn that the diffusers don't work, at least for him.