Saturday, March 8, 2014


“The Ultimate Tribute to Michael Jackson.  No use getting there early tonight.”  I was wrong.  When I got there 35 minutes early all of our usual premium seats we gone.  I must have looked surprised for a man who already had a seat on the side isle taunted me with, “You have to be in the line-up at the door at 8 pm to get one of those good seats.”   

“But I saw this show in London on the stage,” I said.  They laughed.  Yes, they live in London and see everything ... but not Thriller.  I wouldn’t have gone either, but having been in a performance of the song, “Thriller”, on another ship, I thought I owed it to my colourful past to see the Michael Jackson impersonator.  I have at least a faint idea that I have heard some of the Jacson songs before when I hear “Billie Jean” or “Beat It” but the dead-on vocals and masterful dance moves pretty well pass me by.  Not so the rest of the audience.  They shouted, they sang along, they whistled.  I was glad I gave the art form another try.  That many people can’t be wrong.

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