Sunday, March 9, 2014


One hundred of the people who went on the cruise to the Antarctic, stayed on board to travel around Argentina.  Of those of us who got on board there, 786 are going to cruise back to back, past Valparaiso, all the way to Miami.  Today we gathered together for instructions on how to make the move the day that the Chilean boarder security have us all debark so that they can look at the passports of the passengers who will continue on up past Peru and Ecuador. The ship will get a deep clean and will be ready to sail again.  We all have the job of either taking a long trip to Santiago, a short trip around Valparaiso, or sitting at the cruise terminal for three hours.

After the presentation on how to make this a smooth transition, a special tour was offered in the middle of the next cruise – 3 days to Manchu Pichu.  Leave the boat and go overland for 3 days. There will be a flight to the nearest city, then a train ride to the nearest village, time in an Andean market, and then a bus ride and tour of that now historic spot. 

Half way through the presentation, Wyona leaned over and said, “How much do you think this side trip will cost?” 

I did a quick calculation.  “$1,300,” I whispered back. 

At the end of the presentation Ii found out I was half right.  The full price is $2,800. 

“Go Greg.  We are close to this spot and if you have had this dream, now is the time to take it.”  That is what Wyona said.

He shook his head.  If this were on a lifetime bucket list, she is right – we are close and now is always the moment to take a chance.  We talked about the opportunity at lunch in the Trellis Restauraunt – on the fifth floor, a lovely view of the end of the world passing by our window. Greg has been wanting a new watch but denying himself that luxury, already owning two watches that work, he says.  He can’t justify a third watch.  We told Greg that hearing the price of the tour will give us, at least, permission to buy lapis jewellery in one of the shops in one of the next ports.  Or at the very least, an ethic bag in an Andean market.  He said owning another watch even seems closer to him.  Closer, but not quite there.

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