Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mickey Live

One of the enrichment lecturers uses google earth to show us where we are, zooming in, then zooming out to give us a broader picture of the ship’s whereabouts.  The first time I saw this tool used was when Richard used it to show me exactly where he had tagged his deer this fall. He could show me the rigde where he had spotted the animal, the cliff he had climbed while seeking out his prey, and the place where the animal dropped and was skinned.

Now I was seeing google earth around Cape Horn, the Falkland islands, Tierra de Fuego, and the Beagle Channel.  I would not have known how the lecturer could draw so many together to be so interested in this spot, sometimes called the end of the earth.  The Argentinians have a light house to which they give that title.  The end of the earth.  Chile has another.  There is a light house in the Antarctic which is also called the end of the earth, in case you miss one of the other two places.

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