Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heat wave, lost shoe, and 200 year old tree

Catherine writes:

An eclectic day

1. lost a shoe in the metro.


While getting on the metro catie lost her flip flop onto the track.

We all jumped back out to try and retrieve it.

Not my best parenting moment as I tried to get thomas to jump down between trains to retrieve it.

Thank heavens he had more sense than me.

Finally came up with a better plan to get help at the ticket booth. Obviously not the first time this has happened.

They arrived with long pincers and retrieved it after firmly telling me "attend".

We had to wait until the tracks were cleared both ways which meant waiting for 3 more trains to pass.

It is good to have 2 shoes.

Went to parc Monceau during a heat wave.

Not the most comfortable day for a promenade.

Had trouble filling the water bottle at the park fountains as there were literally over 100 kids having a gigantic watertight.

There was no way we could even get close to the water for the press of water guns and water bottles.

Saw this 200 year old tree which is 7 metres around the trunk and 30 metres tall.

Cooling off with a Popsicle

One final group photo sur le pont.

A photo of me just so you know I do get in a few picture.

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 47

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  1. A big wow to the shimmer on the water behind you, Catherine. Talk about having the light and the water meet at just the right moment. And what a background for the popsicle eaters. I want to be everywhere in the world, all at the same time.