Monday, June 15, 2015

Piggies in a blanket

I slipped into the to see if there was any activity out there.

Shades of nostalgia washed overs me before I could get to the end of the text.  Check it out, anyone with little children ... or anyone with little grandchildren...or anyone with a desire for "home".

I am booking Moiya to come to my house.  Of course, I don't need her, now that she has taken an old family recipe and giving it the twist of the century.  Check it out. I can get into my own kitchen and do this.

In the "olden days"when we made piggies in a blanket,  we took the weiners and cut them in 3's.  Then each serving was small, bite-sized, and with more oil and bread, depending on how many a person could eat.

Moiya, I am speechless.

Thank you for letting us into your kitchen, Marina.


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