Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Michael and Alice have a new sister!

purple chive blossoms in a vase
Alice wants her vase filled up as well
Betty Blanche Johnson was born this morning.  

Miranda and Richard went to the hospital at 5 am (Joan stayed home where the kids were still sleeping).  They were home with a baby by noontime.  I have not yet seen photos, and Arta reports that there is plenty of exhaustion going on over there, but that Betty Blanche has the softest baby skin ever.    She is a small one: 7 lbs 10 oz.

... playing in the backyard the evening before Betty is born ...
According to the parents, in the process of birthing, she spent sometimes presenting herself 'face-first'.  Her mother was glad that she finally hunkered down and tucked in her chin!    Now is the time for Miranda to rest!

Oh, this belly feels full!
The little girl is busy looking around for food, and has, Richard reports, "a distinctive cry".  He hopes it will turn into a melody like her sister Alice, who can sing the song she knows for two hours without repeating the same line twice.  She does it to overtalk her dad while he is trying to read bedtime stories to Michael.  Arta hopes that Betty models herself on Alice's love of all things musical.

We await pictures!


  1. I think BB Johnson came a month early. Am I correct?
    Congradulations to all, especially Michael and Alice because things will never be the same.

  2. that's what i thought too. arta say, "nope! Right on time!"


  3. Wonderful news! I cannot wait to meet little Betty. In addition to Grandma Arta, she shares a middle name with her cousin Naomi!

  4. Hi Betty Blanche! From one third born to another third born, 3 is a good number. Like your Aunt Mary, I can't wait to meet you.