Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moiya! There is a BEAR in your garden!

 What should I have for Sunday lunch?
 I think I will visit the Wood garden. It is the best.
 Who are those people taking my picture from the deck next door? I see Janet, and Wyona, and Greg.
 I think I shall go on munching. Such delicious greens!
Nothing like Sunday lunch at Chez Woods!

Now I yelled and screamed at the bear to quit eating Moiya's garden. He just looked up and then kept going.
So I took Moiya's house key and walked through her house to her porch. There I got the attention of the bear and he scooted to the top of the hill and went down it.
Bonnie Wyora had telephoned me earlier and told me that she and David had seen a bear while they were outside on their deck. They did a slow walk backwards into the basement.  More encounters with the Sunday bear in the next post.


  1. Wyona called me to phone Bonnie and tell her that the bear had returned and was now in Moiya's garden. I called Bonnie but her voice mail was full. So I sent her an email. I left to go to the other room, but I heard Thomas dialing on the phone.

    "Who are you calling?"

    "The RCMP in Sicamous."

    "Mmm. By the time the RCMP get there, the bear will probably be hard to find, as Moiya's garden will be empty and he will have to go look for other greens."

    "OK," Kelvin said, and hung up.

  2. That is funny! Why did Adam leave. He could have copped the Bear.