Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bouquet of flowers to die for!

Greg picked this amazingly beautiful bouquet of flowers for me yesterday. June is the best flowering month here at Shuswap.

Here I added the Twinberry to my bouquet. Can you find the Dogbain, the Daisies, the Buttercup, the Fireweed, the Vetch, the Bugbain and/or the Elderberry. They are all there plus two sorts of Clover.
 There is the train/stigma going by on the tracks. Such a superior view!
Every little grandchild should have a bouquet of their own. Cannot grow flowers like this in Texas. Tooooo hotttt!
I asked Glen if he would make Elderberry wine from the berries. Remember the old books and movies that talk about Elderberry wine. 


  1. Is this the same bouquet in different places in your house?
    Or do you have 3 bouquets: one on the upper porch, one below and one in your front room. Either way, I am not going to be able to pass your test and name every wild flower, though my dream is being able to do that.