Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fruit Kabobs

... a quick recipe from the web ...
A colleague at work made these for the Volunteer Potluck honouring all the people who freely give their time to help out at flu clinics and to make posters and materials for speech therapy.

So simple and such a hit.

I overheard her saying, "Put the chocolate chips in a baggie and heat in microwave until melted. Cut off a corner of the baggie and now you have a cake decorating tool."

So I make a fruit kabob for David and his fellow grade four friend Connor. As I swirled the chocolate down the fruit on the stick, I was suddenly back in my childhood kitchen watching my mother make icing roses on a cake. It was like magic.

And lucky me - with far less training and finesse than my own mother's decoration skills I still got a "oh, thank you mother. these are amazing". Two boys eating fruit they had not touched off a fruit tray.

Bonnie Wyora

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  1. Fabulous idea Bonnie. So much easier than other methods.