Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Topped up with happiness

... post pottery swim picture ...
Is the glass half full or half empty?

In my case, overflowing.

I am going to have a hip replacement.   I don't even have a date for it, but still I am thrilled.

The first thing that makes me happy is now I have a name for the reason I had to stop my 5 km walk every morning. There was a space of time where I was trying to find out what was wrong, why I didn’t have the mobility I wanted.

My Dr. said, “You are reporting far more pain than I can see should be there on the x-ray. I can’t tell what is going on.”

The muscular-skeletal doctor saw it on his x-ray.

And all of the doctors were noticing in the their offices as well, since I can't lay down on the examination bed, without physically lifting up this right leg to get it there.

I have no idea how long the line up is for surgery. I don’t even have an orthopaedic surgeon yet.

But I have a renewed hope that when am healed, I will be joining Bonnie on her late evening swims after her pottery class is over.


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