Thursday, June 18, 2015

Piano Recital

Enjoyed the children's end of the year piano recital on Saturday.

Highlights: 1. Great location inside Phillips church in montreal west.

 Great stained glass and rustic old church

2. Lovely pieces by the 3 older children.

Fun acoustics and nice to hear them perform in a larger space.

...come out, come out, wherever you are ...

3. Where's Hebe?

Can you find her. She got mad so went to sit by herself. You might see her socks if you look closely

4. Time out. Just too long for Hebe after an already crazy day visiting family.

She pushed all the right buttons to end up outside.
... with the new teacher, Sheila Veerkamp ...
I got pay back however. A taste of my own medicine.

She hadn't learned yet to keep her tongue in her cheek.


5. A nice photo with the new teacher Sheila Veerkamp.


 Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 35

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  1. What an amazing opportunity! I would love to hear their performances.