Tuesday, June 9, 2015

spoiler alert game of thrones (don't read if you are following the series and don't know ending)

So... Duncan and Katie (our live-in housekeeper aka 'my executive assistant') have an going love affair with the TV series, Game of Thrones.   But Duncan likes to know what happens 'before it happens' and Katie 'does not'.

There is only one episode left in the season.  After much nagging, Duncan wormed out of me the likely ending of the last episode (which aires next week).  He then told me he was going to tell Katie. I told him not to.  Not to be disuaded, he made a note and slid it under her door.

He is, of course, a Pilling at the end of the day. Very bad behaviour to spoil it for her. On the other hand, as she noted this morning, she is prepared to forgive him since he did end off with a polite 'sincerely' note. so it is not all bad?


  1. Question.

    Is Duncan known to always tell the truth when he writes notes. Katie could be experiencing another level of harrassmet as well.


  2. I laugh. So hard. You are the best Duncan.