Monday, June 15, 2015

Bear Sightings and Beautiful Flowers

 On a number of occasions the last few days I have walked the property taking pictures. When I was taking photos of the twinberries at the cabins I heard some crashing in the woods but I just ignored it. Then Bonnie telephoned me and told me she and David had seen a Bear in the trees just 10 feet away from where I was lolling on the ground taking pictures.
 And what beautiful Bachelor Button-Cornflower.
Greg and I were under the cedar tree in the ravine when I heard Greg behind me say "Go Wyona Go" with this frantic voice. I climbed the hill on all four limbs then ran for the basement door, Greg close behind me.
 Greg had seen the bear come up Moiya's path so we scurried away.

 Glen's hill is full of flowers of all sorts.

I ate my first cherries off of the cherry trees between the cabins. Nothing better. Breakfast between the cabins until our cherries get bigger and riper.

In the late afternoon Greg was watching TV in the living room and saw movement in our garden. There was the Bear again. I called out to him. He looked me straight in the eye and then he went up our garden hill but had disappeared by time Glen came out to see him.

The bear is just a cub with long soft black fur. I wonder if his mama is around somewhere.

The scientific name for Dogbane is Apocynum which means 'away dog' because it is poisonous to dogs. Watch out Kiwi!
Dogbane. This flower has the most beautiful smell!

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  1. I, too, have eaten cherries from that tree, ... just not this year As well, I have swung on hammocks that were strung between those cherry trees.

    And the scent of the dogbane? When the text under the picture reminded me of the scent of these flowers, I leaned a little closer to my computer to see if I could catch some of the smell.

    No luck, except in the world of my imagination.