Sunday, June 21, 2015

Four Generations for Father's Day

So i found this four generations photo in the back of one of the photo albums.  I had to send a note to Arta to confirm who the fourth person in the photo was (I suspected, but wasn't sure):

Me (the crying one)
My Mom Arta
My Granddad Doral
My Great-granddad Will

Am very grateful for the many dads, moms, aunts, uncles, caretakers in my life.  


  1. I'm speechless.
    Thank you for sharing that treasured moment.

  2. The only person I didn't recognize in the picture was me. Then I looked closely and could remember that I used to have a housecoat that looked like the one the woman in the photo is wearing.

  3. One more thing ... my dad looks awfully young in that picture. As well, the photo, faded as it is, still captures the blue of his eyes.

  4. How old is baby Rebecca there I wonder. Her mother looks so rested. How did you manage to cover up the sleep deprivation? How did you sleep with those curlers in your hair? Is that a rise on the left in the background?

  5. I studied the setting of the picture to figure out where it was taken. I think my mother's buffet is behind us and there is a tapestry on the wall.

    I remember the day. Grand-dad was leaving to go somewhere and I was just a day out of the hospital and heading north to Edmonton. I asked Doral and Grand-dad to wait just a minute so that I could have a four generation picture.

    So there I am: curlers, a housecoat, a crying baby. Not the usual posed picture. Yes, we slept in the curlers. Beauty was everything in those days.

  6. I just love it. Am I as beautiful as you Arta? I know I must be, but I have a hard time believing it. Oh those happy, happy (and sleep deprived) first days with a new baby. Joy for everyone even if the baby is crying.