Sunday, June 14, 2015

Twinberry or Twinberry Honeysuckle or Black Twinberry

I took a walk this morning to examine a few plants and take pictures of the cabins. I found a shrub that I had never seen before. So I took a small branch over to the expert Glen who really could not identify it but just as I left he said it might be a Twinberry.

Sure enough. I found it on the web. I just need this shrub in my garden, I need it badly! So I looked up how to transplant the Black Twinberry. I learned how to coppice.

Before I went to get the shrub, Greg dug a hole for me beside our path. There certainly was not much of a root on this shrub but there are long ugly sick like branches before seeing the leaves and the berries. Now it just looks like a stick growing out of the ground. I carried on cutting down salmon berries after I coppiced the Twinberry. In my cutting a found a Twinberry growing right beside my path. I cut down the green around the Lonicera Involucrata or Twin berry and exposed the shrub beside our path. I can hardly wait to see the twin yellow flowering tubes next June.

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