Saturday, June 20, 2015


Duncan was 'trapped' on his computer today. He was playing "Starwars: Republic" and had some booster thing that required him to stay hooked in.  

And so he called me over and said "Mom, I don't wanna be 'that guy', but... could you make me some tasty food to eat here at the computer?  Maybe a milkshake and taco salad without the salad?"  

Sure, said I.  And so you can see the milkshake I provided:  a delicious blend of frozen mango, banana and..... SPINACH!   

Duncan was sufficiently hungry (and unwilling to get up from the computer) that he was prepared to eat it. He did argue that I had, however, deceived him!

In the face of his whining, I said, "Hey, seriously?!   You get delivery of a yummy sweet drink and you complain?  Don't you think you should just be saying "THANKS" to your wonderful mother for delivering you your vegetables in such a tricky but tasty form?

He agreed, and offered this response:  

"You are right mom.  Thanks for the deceit!"  



  1. "Moutain dew, mountain dew, mountain dew is good for you! " Duncan and Ben, August 2013.

  2. Are those nerf guns in the background? If you are not using them, please shop them to us. We only have 8.

  3. Oh my gosh. Thanks for the deceit! My new favourite line. I can't wait to find an appropriate time to use it.