Monday, July 18, 2016

A Bad Taste in My Mouth

Jay Johnson wanted to share a story, well, two stories with the great-grandchildren who had gathered to see one of grandfather’s best friends. The first story went like this. If Jay goes to heaven, he would like to be in the same place where two other people are: Anna, his mother-in-law and Wyora, Doral’s wife. Jay told the kids that just a few days before Wyora died, he had come to visit, but just for a minute. “If you will stay for a little longer, I think Wyora would like a game of Rook,” Doral said. Jay stayed and they played rook the whole day.

Jay said that he thinks that when Wyora got to heaven, and was on her way through the Pearly Gates and to where judgement takes places, that if she saw a game of Rook going on, she would have made a detour and played a hand or two.

The second story begins with Doral visiting Jay at the farm one day. Doral would help clean out the barn or do some other work and then pick up milk or eggs that Jay would give him. This day Jay asked how Doral was. ‘’I have a terrible taste in my mouth,” Doral said.

“Why is that,” asked Jay.

“Well, you remember the horse shoe you gave me the last time I was here, since my girls had asked for one? They cleaned it with my toothbrush.”



  1. Great stories of our parents, Doral and Wyora.

  2. As I walked around the land a few days ago, I was reminded of another image of Doral. There is web worm on many of the trees right now, you know that kind where there seems to be a net over the branches and it is filled with little worms. I can remember him cutting the branches off and taking them to the fire say, that is the only way to get rid of them.

    Right now one of the branches on the apple tree that is just regenerating itself by the ramp has that web worm on it. I was thinking to myself, "I must take my clippers down and cut that branch off some time next week.

    And then I was wondering if I should take it to the burn pile by the creek, or if maybe, it could be burned in the little firepit that the Woods were roasting their hot dogs in in that is by the ramp.

    Funny. If Doral did it, then I think I must do it.