Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wyona - Another Grandparents Day

 Gabe unpacking his stuff upon arrival.
 Theresa's waffle will always be perfect. She puts her own blueberries on the waffle.
And Andrew must entertain himself for 20 seconds while his cheese on nachos is melting in the microwave.
 Lunch leftovers. Greg pitted 4 cups of cherries and then I made some cherry filling for waffles. We made parfaits out of our whipped cream and cherries.
 One cannot resist such a sweet cherry face as this one.
Sabrina is working on finishing her parfait. Gabe has finished his and is balancing the cherry pit he found in his parfait on his nose. Someone asked if there was whipped cream while someone else said whoopee! So Greg just named it whoopee cream. Theresa answered Greg telling him she calls it whipped cream. 

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  1. I got a phone call from Bonnie who was visiting your house, Wyona. She said it was hard to leave -- so many delicious treats everywhere, and it was 10:30 at night. Thank you for letting me see just how good things were.

    In the final picture I notice Greg over at the sink, trying to keep up with the dishes. That job is a full-time one and I am sure rotates to those who are wise and know that even doing dishes is a joy in the summertime.