Monday, July 4, 2016

Twas a dark and stormy day

This morning, I stayed outside longer than usual, working on my yard.  Each weed I pulled reminded me that I am never going to get on top of the outside work.  The sun and the rain can make the plants grow faster than I can keep up with them.  For a break I went over and played with Michael and Alice in their mud kitchen.  I took along some rags and some soap.  There is nothing like the joy of a hose, some dirty toys and all of the soap your grandmother will let you pour into the water table or into the tubs where you can wash toys.

They went into the house for lunch and I began to clean up my own mess, seeing that the sky was darkening.  It was beginning to rain and thunder, just a small sprinkle and I sat outside by myself. Then I thought, why am I out here on my own. I knocked on the window of the house next door.  Michael's nose was soon at the window pane.  I asked if Alice  and he wanted to come out and sit in the rain and thunder with me.

Their mom gave them the OK.

We ate Klondike Candy Bar ice cream treats. They have only eaten dessert bars that are attached to sticks, so I was teaching them how to eat the confections by holding onto the paper wrapper that the treats come in.  I have been practising this technique since discovering that the new ice cream bars I purchased have to be eaten that way.  Alice refused to do it my way and wanted to hold onto the bar herself, no wrapping thank you.

 I told her to go ahead, since there is no stopping a 2 1/2 year old with her own mind. Then I re-wrapped the bar for her and she ate it our way. I guess she just needed an initial assertion of her will.

We listened to 4 big claps of thunder, saw a plane go overhead and talked about a hawk that was circling high in the wind.  We stayed outside until the rain drips were big. Michael kept moving so that he could be in the shade. What he really wanted was to be in the sun, since the clouds were looming overhead and the wind was getting cold. But when we are outside in the evenings we are always looking for shade. I think he was really looking for comfort given the glowering clouds and the long claps of thunder.

Three cheers to having fun in the elements and a freezer that is full of ice-cream desserts.


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  1. I like the thunder party much better than weeding,You can try to make weeding a party, but you cannot trick me.