Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wyona - Grandparents week in July

Tim brought 6 grandchildren out to the lake on Sunday to stay with Greg and I for a week. As soon as the group arrived, Sabrina, Gabe and Andrew got the basketball hoop out and put it up.
Today is our fourth day of cherries and they are darker and better than ever.  While we were eating the cherries, someone spied a lady bug but none would pick it up, not even Sabrina. So I let it crawl up my hand.
Audra: They pee on you.
Wyona: No, that is just juice.
Kalina: Ladybugs have pee juice?
One can never eat too many cherries.
 Greg spent a couple of days before everyone arrived vacuuming, changing mattresses and cleaning the basement. Audra and Kalina decided they were having the bunk room as their room and claimed it by unpacking their suitcases in the one set of drawers in the room.

I came out of the bedroom this morning and spied these lovely legs in the cherry tree. Dave was picking the last of the cherries.

Audra kept Dave company outside for a long time. She sat there eating the cherries and talking nonstop. So cute to see these kids eating cherries.


  1. In three of the pictures people have cherries in their mouthes. And in another picture Dave is picking them so that none go to waste.

    Charise brought some cherries over to my house that had made the trip back to Alberta. Tomorrow morning I will have them for breakfast and tonight I shared them over at Alice's birthday party. I ate one and kept it in my mouth until the pit was perfectly clean and white. Then I walked home and on the way, I took it out of my mouth, put it between two fingers and then used pressure to shoot it out and into some place on my lawn where I hope it will grow into a cherry tree.

  2. That's not Audra with Dave, it's Kalina. She said she went out to eat cherries and "chill". Yup. :)