Monday, July 18, 2016

Paintings and Carvings

Joyce and Jay Johnson came to Salmon Arm bringing paintings and carvings to sell at the Farmer’s Market which is now in the old Canadian Tire Building. They came to visit while Marcia’s kids, and two of Teague’s kids were here, as well as David Camps. They had been having a 31 hour party together they day before, and they were continuing the fun the next day.

Bonnie had them line up and ask Joyce and Jay questions, and Joyce and Jay in return asked them a question. Now that was a lot of fun and everyone who participated was rewarded with two squares of excellent chocolate.

Then Jay asked for a talent show. Andrew can bleat like a lamb. Zachary can do excellent drum rhythms using two wooden spoons and the bottom of a kettle. Gabe can do a scene from the musical, Beauty and the Beast. Sabrina can do a backbend. Audra can do a cartwheel. David can sing “We’re Off to See the Wizard of Oz” and he adds in a few gestures.

Another two squares of chocolate for a reward.

The fun continued. Gabe can take a plastic bottle of water in his hands, flip it over and have it land on a table upright.


Jay told the story of great-grandfather Doral working in the barn with him. The first time they were loading a beef onto a tractor, the tractor slipped and broke Doral’s ankle which never really healed.

Months later, the the two men were in the barn, Jay holding a stallion and Doral holding the mare. The mare bolted, pulled the rope from Doral’s hands and then kicked him in the head. “He shouldn’t have survived,” said Jay. His eye had dropped because the skull on that side of his face had been crushed.

Later Uncle Loran, Doral’s brother, called Jay and said, “I think you two should get a divorce before one of you kills the other.”


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