Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wyona - weeding at the lake

 My plan was to have us weed everyday. We did make it out twice. This is the second time we went out to weed. Sabrina and Gabe headed up the hill from the bottom path. As they cut the trees and weeds they threw them down. Kalina and David were there to put them on the weed pile.

 As Kalina picked up some weeds she yelled up at them, "Hey, you guys cut the berry bushes. You should leave the berries."
Andrew started cutting weeds up the hill adjacent to Gabe and Sabrina. He would just take a run up the hill and grab the weeds as he slid back down the hill. Soon he started to use the clippers.

Three cutting and David working hard to pile the cut trees in a pile.  
As Sabrina and Gabe got near the top I told them they could quit. They said, "We are just about finished and they kept going." Once they got in there they felt power over the weeds. Nothing makes a person feel better than a job well done.
Theresa was having a hard time on the path so Audra took her up the path to the house where she felt more comfortable.

 Andrew never giving up until he got to the top of his hill also.

Kalina and Greg stayed right in there with the rest of the group. The tarp was filled up a number of times.

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  1. I wonder how many weeding stories there are: weeding in Aunt Lenore's garden, weeding in the Glen's garden at the old house, weeding around the stream at Arta's house, weeding the common property down at the Ramp Camp. Those who weed are usually trying to make life better for others.

    Three cheers from me for the work being done above. I will love walking up that weeded path!