Friday, July 22, 2016

On "going home two weeks early" ...

"I was so bored."  That is the word Ben used when he described what happened when Rebecca took the boys home two week early last year.

A fleeting thought went through my mind.  What is happening that is making life less than boring out here.  I had that thought when I was standing still for moment, watching the vacuum truck suck out the contents of the sceptic system, since Wyona had called in the honey wagon for her own house and I could see how it would be useful to have the same thing happen here.  Ben's only question was why do they call it the honey wagon.

Christine Cusack, Greg and I were right there with Steve, the truck's operator.   Christine and I were leaning right over the tank, watching the whole process, the suction, the crust slide forward.  Yes.  We wanted to know it all.  Ben was holding back a bit. All four of us wanted to know how many gallons Steve's truck holds (18,000), how often a job like this should be done (it all depends), what is the principle on which a septic tank works, how can the top of the system be changed from a cement block to a plastic top which is easier to move.  Yes, we wanted to know it all!  Ben was on the second row back of the interested watchers, but he was close enough to hear and see it all.

The details of the rest of the day, I cannot make so fulsome, or I won't have another day today.  But Ben also cut blackberries from the path so others won't be scratched, racked sticks up from the site where he is going to camp, pitched the tent on said site, swam in the water, played dungeon and dragons, ate vietnamese spring rolls ... yes, not a boring day here.


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