Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Capturing a skite

You caught it, Dad?
I thought I saw a snake under one of the ice cream buckets outside.

I called for Michael who brought his dad with him to pick up the snake.

On the first grab, which Richard missed, we could see we had a skit.

Richard twisted, lunched, grabbed, blocked off and pounced as the lizard eluded him.

But Richard came back in five minutes, refreshed and read to outthink the strategy of the little animal.

He caught him under the clematis trellis.
Question to Richard: How much does it hurt when a skit bites?
Answer:  Medium

Dinner, now hot on the table, was abandoned.

We gathered around it to take pictures and to pass it from willing participant to those who had to be warmed up to being willing participants.


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