Saturday, July 9, 2016

Wyona-the last of Grandparents Week

This is one of the few meals we have been able to eat outside in the past week. We have had a lot of rain but we have had a lot of fun also.  

One afternoon when there was a break in the rain we went to the beach with life jackets so everyone could go out in the kayaks.
Andrew got back first from the kayak trip. He was excited to beat everyone back.

I just had to put the photo in with the clouds in the background. Rain was threatening but it did not deter the kayak trip.

 Kalina was the most excited of all to get in the big kayak. She had a smile all over her face when she left and a bigger smile when she came back.  There were 3 small kayaks, Andrew, David Camps and Audra. Audra had a hard time keeping up so half way to Johnson's Point they pulled into the beach, regrouped and headed off again.

On return home, they all wanted to get in the cold water to play. Kalina is so happy to be swimming. Audra is behind her on the dock.

And now there is nothing of Audra but the splash in the water as she disappeared.

 They got Audra back by tying her kayak to the back of the big kayak which Sabrina and Gabe were managing.

Always fun to play in the water.
Take a close look at the dog paddling below. It is Kalina showing us her swimming skills.

And here they head off for the big ride. It took courage for me to let them head off on their own. 

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  1. I just received some pictures from my cousin, Jane Milner. She was showing the cousins on her side of the family in the photos. Jane said, "Strathcona Splash Park--July 09, 2016. Nat and Josh with Salwa's kids. Cousins are awesome! A cousin is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart."

    Yes to being wrapped in each others hearts, whether on the beach, swimming or on kayak trips!