Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Janet's New Kiln

Janet has a new kiln.  I don't know how long the list would be of people who have been getting pieces ready to fire in it.
 ... part of the production process ...
... loading the kiln ...

Tonia and Rebecca like to sit at the wheel and turn pots.

Others gather around to do slab work. Some are interesting in making jewellery pieces.

"Use all of the bowls made in past years," Rebecca told me.  "I will be making new ones for you this year, many of them, given the size of Janet's kiln."

So the bowls are out on the sideboard at our house.  All shapes and sizes.  They can be filled with breakfast cereal, salads, soups, pastas -- just about anything where a person doesn't want to chase their food all around a flat plate.

Good times using home-made pottery can be had by all.


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