Saturday, July 2, 2016

Flashback to last summer - my Passion Planner!

So... I was about to order my third Passion Planner (thinking ahead to Jan 2017!), when I saw a note from them suggesting that if I sent in my "passion story" (and it was selected), I could get a planner for free.  Well.... here then is the story of my 2015 planner (from September 2015)

It all began with the rabbit...

I was staying at my brother’s house for a month in the summer of 2015... and so was the rabbit.  The rabbit seemed to have no fear. No matter how many times Richard tried to chase it away, it would return.

And that September morning, return (and renew!) is also what I needed to do with the rental car I had been using. I ran out to the car that morning, my Passion Planner in hand (rental agreement tucked carefully inside), to drive the car back to the rental outlet to fill out a renewal for another week.

And there was the rabbit!  Lying right in the middle of the lawn.  It seemed totally unperturbed by our presence, laid out across the grass, enjoying the summer sun.  I pulled out my phone to take a picture. Not only did the rabbit did not run away, it cast me a look of boredom. It slowly got up and stretched, contemplating moving (but in no rush). I captured a great shot.

Then I drove the 10 minutes to the rental agency. After waiting my turn in line, I rifled through my bag looking for my Passion Planner in which I had the rental form. But the planner wasn’t there!

I headed out to the parking lot to search the car.  Passion planner wasn’t there, either!  As I mentally backtracked my steps, I remembered having the Planner in my hand, and then setting it on top of the car while I took the photo with the phone.  I didn't remember picking it back up again.  It was also at that moment I remembered that I had packed an envelope of $600 cash from my mother (to be deposited later that day) into the back of my planner.  AAACK!!!!

Heart in my throat, I got back in the rental car to see if I could slowly retrace my route. 

Almost back home, at the intersection of 23rd and 24th ave (just down the block from the major intersection of Crowchild and 24th!?!), there was my Passion Planner, lying open in the middle of the street. 

tire tracks in two directions?
Envelopes, car rental contract and other assorted papers were lying like a diagonal line across the intersection.  Luckily, it was not a day with a warm Chinook wind running through the city, so the papers had laid pretty much where they fell. 

My brother and I jumped out of the car and ran in different directions gathering different pieces of paper and the book from both sides of the street.

My Passion Planner was intact!  It did show the marks of its usage, as there were tire tracks across at least 20 different pages.  

It would seem that it had been run over by multiple cars, each one leaving its tire tracks, and fliping a page in the process, leaving a fresh page for the car that would follow. 

There was sufficient detail in the tire tracks that it did occur to me that if I were in a CSI episode, and if a crime had happened in the neighbourhood that morning, I would have gathered the evidence of each type of car that had passed on the road that day.

And yes, the envelope with the money was still there (a lovely tire track across the centre)!

But what kind of a planner can be run over at least forty times in the middle of a busy intersection?  

It held up through the rest of the year.   

So did I buy the 2016 version?  You bet. THIS is a Passion Planner worth having!



  1. Hilarious. Love the photo essay. So awesomely perfect.

  2. A winning story! I remember seeing the tire tracks and then wishing that I had stopped to pick up your planner. The Gods were with you that day.