Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CrossIron Mills - another grandparents day

Meighan stands between the arms of a bear
at CrossIron Mills Outlet
I joined Meighan and Ceilidh at CrossIron Mills Mall, a first for me.

I have been reading in the newspaper that there is a free shuttle from the airport to this Mall.  Anita tells me that there are also free shuttles leaving from downtown and even from Market Mall which is a place I could walk to and then take the bus out there.

The only problem would be, could I find my way out of the Mall and back to the bus stop.  And even the question, would I want to leave there.

Ceilidh found the deals -- 30 % off the last clearance price.  I was looking -- just taking the huge expanse of it all in.

Another grandparent's day well played.


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  1. Wow, all these little kids are growing so tall.